Military Rescue Game

Through accepting this game challenge and entering inside this game called Military Rescue you a ll get to the real battle reality in which only the best are able to survive It a s a military action shooting game one of the best out there be sure on that This game is closer to you if you simply know the fact that this is a free game to play online nothing special about entering this game so what better can be possibly imagined than this class of a game offered completely free And now to speak a little bit on the controls intended to play in this game. To be able to move in up direction use W to be able to go down use S to be able to go left use A to be able to go right use D to be able to shoot use J to be able to jump use K and finally to be able to throw a grenade at your enemies use L from the keyboard. But that a s not all In this game you a ll have the unique chance to type the keys you wish to use for every action So nothing more to say start and enjoy