Offroad Games

Play the best fun free online offroad games on DriveArcade on your computer today! All offroad internet games are safe for kids.

Head out into the mountains and go 4-wheeling in your jeep, on your ATV, or with a trusty dirtbike! Push through mud, snow, dirt, gravel, and sand as you try to complete each one of our free online Offroad Games!

Most of our games will give you ample horsepower to reach the end of the level. The hard part will be utilizing that 4 wheel drive to maneuver over each hill without flipping over! Carefully keep your wheels on the ground as you reach each peak. Sometimes you'll just have to gun the engine and hope for the best as you try to cross each obstacle!

The best way to play these games is with the arrow keys. Don't just hold down the accelerator and rev your way through each level. If you do this, you're bound to flip over and wreck. Carefully tap the accelerator and don't slam the brakes to avoid rolling down the mountain! Sometimes your Jeep or ATV will get stuck on a rock or in the dirt. The best thing to get out is to quickly reverse and then accelerate carefully. You'll eventually rock out of your rut and be back on the trail!