4x4 Games

Head off the grid and explore offroad trails in our 4x4 Games! DriveArcade offers a wide array of offroad games, but our ATV games are some of the most popular! Whether you want to race through canyons, climb massive mountains or breeze through the woods, you'll find the option here!

Most of our 4x4 games will challenge you to just complete the level. Sometimes there is a timer that you must beat for extra points, but in many cases, it will pay off more to ride carefully and maintain proper balance. You'll be rolling over slippery rock beds, climbing over dangerous hills, and riding through dense brush so make sure you don't flip your ATV.

Other games will pit you against other 4x4 racers who you must defeat to reach the next level. In these games, just focus on speed and staying in first place. Find ways to cut corners and don't let the terrain slow you down!

Game Tip! - Balance is key in all of our 4 wheeler games. Watch your speed when hitting large objects and make sure you keep your front end down when crossing over large objects! Don't get intimidated by the timer or the terrain, just keep moving forward!

Random Fun Fact! - ATV games are our most popular type of Offroad Games! If you want to try something different, try going to our Monster Truck Games or Bike Games. Many of them also feature outdoor environments and a challenging offroad adventure!